15,16, 17, 18 and 19 June 2022 gathering of vintage boats, it’s a real spectacle to observe these authentic nautical jewels that plow the sea, but is equally fascinating to walk on the pier and see them moores side by side.

The event includes the participation of vintage boats (wooden or metal Tachts built before 1950), classic (wooden or metal Yachts built befor 1976) an their replicas, Big Boats, Spirit of tradition and Wianno. With an absolutely new: the presence of Swan Sparkman & Stephens.

The boats registred for event will be moored at Porto Vecchio as “La Pilarella”. Is the name of one of the districts into which the seaside village is traditionally divided. An unmissable opportunity, for lovers of sailing and not only, to admire closely the boats that have made the history of boating and that for the occasion will be protagonists in the waters of the promontory.

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